Cardinals legend Albert Pujols crushes his 691st and 692nd home run against Diamondbacks

Cardinals legend Albert Pujols crushes his 691st and 692nd home run against Diamondbacks
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St. Louis Cardinals Legend Albert Pujols continued his run into history Saturday night against the Arizona Diamondbacks. Pujols, who scored four to four, on Saturday, won 691 And the His 692nd career career, both against Madison Baumgarner, has given him six players in his last eight games, as he looks to become his fourth all-time player with 700 wrecks.

Here’s my fellow Pujols on Saturday. His eight bases give him a total of 6,141 in his career, which saw him pass Hall of Famer Stan Musial and finish second all-time. Hank Aaron, the all-time leader, had 6,856 total career bases.

Pujols said he will retire after the season. Saturday is the 119th game of the year for St. Louis, giving him the 43 to hit the eight homers he needs to get to 700. This month shows he can do it, though it’s worth noting that Pujols’ Cardinals are dense, so his playing time depends. At the hands of the rival initiator as much as anything else.

This is the clock leaderboard. Were it not for the 2020 season cut short by the pandemic, Pujols would almost certainly have been in the 700-strong club already.

  1. Barry Bonds: 762
  2. Hank Aaron: 755
  3. Babe Ruth: 714
  4. Alex Rodriguez: 696
  5. Albert Pujols: 692 and counting

The Pujols have a chance to catch A-Rod before the end of the month. Heck, the way the bat has been swinging lately, he might catch on by the end of next week. This latest party taking place on his territory means the 700’s hunt has officially begun.

The Cardinals entered Saturday by four games at NL Central and their September schedule is very favorable on paper (18 of their last 28 games against the Nationals, Pirates, reds). If they extend their lead to 8-9 games in the next few weeks, will they give the Pujols more of a run against the right-wingers just to maximize hits while chasing 700? It is quite possible.

Pujols, 42, entered Saturday with .254/.333/.472 hitting line and 11 home runs overall, including .358/.404/.691 with seven bugs against the left.

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