To the Moon in 2025: 13 Antarctic Landing Points

To the Moon in 2025: 13 Antarctic Landing Points

The Artemis III manned lunar mission is to return humans to the Moon for the first time since 1972.

South Pole

All regions are located near the previously unvisited south pole of the Moon, and each has multiple locations suitable for landing.

It was investigated whether there was enough sunlight to be used as an energy source, whether contact with the ground was possible and whether the site was passable. The Malapert Massif, Leibnitz Beta Plateau, and Faustini Rim are on the list, among others.

Insight into the assets

In the coming period, it will be investigated which of the thirteen areas are the most scientifically interesting to visit. For example, some belong to the oldest parts of the moon and can provide insight into its formation history. The final choice of a specific landing site is tied to the mission launch date.

In preparation for the Artemis III mission, NASA is expected to launch an unmanned rocket on August 29, which should fly back and forth to the Moon within six weeks. If this mission, called Artemis I, succeeds, it will be followed by a manned flight that circles the moon.

This mission, Artemis II, is scheduled for May 2024. Next, it was Artemis III’s turn.

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