“But I just don’t like looking at her.”

"But I just don't like looking at her."

Rutger Castricum responded on Radio de Orangezumer Friday to the uproar that arose earlier this week over his remarks about women’s football. Well-known journalist POWNED seems to have been addressed privately in his own circle.

“I can still keep up at this level,” Castricum said earlier this week. “Five overs, one shot on goal and it’s always a goal. I can’t say it anymore, but I can’t look at it anymore,” the presenter drew, among others, his colleague at the table Estefana Polman. “It’s a bit ugly,” the handball player replied.

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On Friday’s broadcast, Castricum has to admit that he received very few reactions to his words. “I had to deal with some phone calls,” said the journalist, “I made a few jokes about women’s football here and it caused quite a stir in my personal environment.” “There were also mothers in the neighborhood and friends who said, ‘My daughter plays soccer too.'”

But they misunderstood him: “I never said here that I objected to it, but I just don’t like looking at it so much.” Castricum’s daughter plays hockey, but she may also decide to play soccer one day. “Then I should seriously look for someone to go with her every Saturday to see her,” Castricum concludes jokingly.

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