Buddy Vader pranks committee members into secret duets

Buddy Vader pranks committee members into secret duets

Singing, Dancing, Acting: Buddy Vedder can do it all. Prove it again with his participation secret binaries. He sings the song “Alles Is Liefde” with comedian Richard Groenendijk. On the first round, we hear his voice briefly and he seems heavier than we’re used to from Buddy: “He has something operatic,” says Richard. The other team members – Esmée van Kampen, Samantha Steenwijk and Berget Lewis – need to hear more from this secret vocalist to determine if she is a professional singer.

What the panelists don’t know is that Buddy deliberately puts in a heavier voice to mislead the speakers. After presenter Jamay Loman hears the panelists’ initial thoughts, they move on to the next round and the song resumes. And then everyone is completely bewildered: the mysterious figure suddenly sings in a completely different voice: “What is the meaning of this,” says Esmée. You can read the surprise on Richard’s face. He has absolutely no idea who he’s singing a duet with: “This is so different. How is this possible, are there two?”

Just before the wall hits, Richard is allowed one more attempt at discovering the identity of his duo’s partner. The comedian is visibly frustrated when he learns he knows him personally: “I’m fine with this show.” In the end, Richard gives his final answer and ends up with Claes van der Eerden. When the wall goes up, he sees Buddy standing up and all the puzzle pieces falling into place: “I didn’t hear. Sorry, I’m sorry.”

Then Buddy has some explanation, because where did all these different sounds come from? “I wanted to make it a little difficult for them, to change my voice.” And it works out well, because at the end of the show only Samantha knows how to guess his identity.

secret binaries It can be seen every Thursday at 8:30pm RTL 4.

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