Proximus will adjust subscription prices again in the second half of the year – Tablets, Phones – News

Proximus says it wants to “adjust” rates for “select personal and corporate plans” in the second half of the year. It is assumed to be a price increase. This will be the second price increase this year, after the price increase in January.

the Belgian provider talking about “Further value improvement in a context where the impact of inflation is significant.” So it seems that the provider wants to use inflation as an argument to increase prices. The company did the same in November last year, when it announced that it would increase most internet prices by 3 or 4 euros per month. The increase took effect in January.

The company announced the price adjustment in its quarterly figures, which showed net profit fell 21.6 percent in a year to 120 million euros. Proximus revenue increased by 5.9% to €1.49 billion over the same period.

Fixed internet subscribers increased by 11,000 in the last quarter and mobile subscribers increased by 10,000. Proximus now has 2.22 million fixed internet subscribers and 4.8 million mobile subscribers. TV customers decreased by 12,000 to 1.7 million. Proximus now says it has provided 23 percent of Belgium’s population with a fiber optic connection, or 1.4 million homes, and 288,000 customers already have a fiber subscription.

Finally, the provider offers an identical 10Gb/s fixed internet subscription in five Belgian cities. By summer, all Belgians with a fiber optic connection should be able to purchase this subscription. By the way, with this subscription in practice, 8 Gb / s is the maximum download and upload speed, because indirect costs Which is essential in fiber optic pon technologies.

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