Brown’s defensive scores vs. the Chiefs: Who was elite, average and replaceable?

Brown's defensive scores vs. the Chiefs: Who was elite, average and replaceable?

Cleveland, Ohio – The Browns’ defense held the Chiefs with 10 points in the first half of their first week game. But the chiefs didn’t stay down for long. They recovered with 23 points in the second half while they were leading 6 of 8 in the third drop.

To provide a fuller picture of the Browns’ defensive performance, here’s how Pro Football Focus analysts rank the Browns’ defensive players.

(PFF . scores Each player in each game uses a scale of 0-100, with higher scores indicating better play. The PFF has interpreted its scores in this way: 100-90 Elite; 89-85 Pro Bowler; 84-70 clerk 69-60 backup; 59-0 is replaceable. In other words, it’s not much different from how percentages match up with traditional letter grades in school).

defensive end

Tack McKinley: 69.5.

Miles Garrett: 69.0.

Jadvion Clooney: 65.6.

Joe Jackson: 64.7.

Noticeable: Garrett had eight pressures (one bag, two hits), Clooney had four pressures and McKinley had two. Left attacker Orlando Brown had a pass protection score of 43.5 (five pressures), and right tackle Lucas Niang had a score of 59.5 (five pressures).

defensive intervention

Owner McDowell: 83.0.

Malik Jackson: 67.0.

Jordan Elliott: 56.4.

Andrew Billings: 46.7.

Noticeable: McDowell graded above 71.0 in both running defense and tackle. Jackson scored 68.4 for the race and was under four pressures.


Jeremiah Oso-Kuramoah: 69.5.

Anthony Walker: 59.6.

Sion Taketake: 57.1.

Mac Wilson: 40.5.

Malcolm Smith: 29.6.

Noticeable: Ouso Kuramoah played 25 shots, recording 78.3 against the race and 55.2 in coverage. Walker had the highest Intervention Score (82.1) with nine High Team Interventions. Smith has a coverage rating of 29.9 and was responsible for two touchdowns by President Travis Kelsey. Wilson’s coverage score was 33.1.


Denzel Ward: 74.4.

Greg Newsom II: 72.6.

Troy Hill: 59.9.

Grady Williams: 32.6.

Noticeable: Ward (72.8) and Newsom (72.4) both topped the angles in degree of coverage. Ward gave up five catches for seven, and Newsom shot one. Ward gave up four catches on six goals for Chiefs receiver Trek Hill. Williams played eight shots and a coverage score of 31.5.


MG Stewart: 68.8.

Richard Leconte III: 62.0.

John Johnson III: 55.7.

Ronnie Harrison: 29.2.

Noticeable: Johnson’s intervention score was 82.0. In coverage, he got a 55.4 and was responsible for the relegation to Hill. Johnson gave up three goals in four for Hill. Harrison and LeCounte each played five shots.

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