Apple closes a vulnerability that made devices vulnerable to onlookers

Apple closes a vulnerability that made devices vulnerable to onlookers

Apple invites users of phones, laptops, iPads, and watches to immediately install a security update. The update prevents the installation of spyware from NSO Group, an Israeli software developer.

in july It became known that NSO Group’s Pegasus software is being used around the world to hack journalists, human rights activists and lawyers. If the phone is infected, offenders can steal files such as photos and emails. The microphone and camera can also be operated remotely.

searching for Citizen lab From the University of Toronto, the malware can be delivered to Apple devices via the iMessage app. The staff discovered this while checking the phone of another infected Saudi activist. As far as Citizen Lab can determine, the app leak was first exploited in February.

NSO . group

The NSO Group is an Israeli company specializing in spyware. Clients include the intelligence and investigation services and militaries of 40 countries, including Rwanda, India, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Azerbaijan. According to what was reported by the media about the leak publishedIt was also used by Hungarian Prime Minister Orban. NSO says the spyware is intended to fight terrorism and crime, not aid human rights abuses.

There are 1.6 billion vulnerable Apple devices circulating around the world. Not all Apple users are an immediate target now. “Developing this software is very complex and costs millions of dollars,” says Apple. “Often this type of program is only usable for a short time and is used specifically against specific people.” This, according to Apple, means that the vast majority of users are not at risk.

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