British government issues temporary visas to 10,500 foreign workers

British government issues temporary visas to 10,500 foreign workers

The British government is taking steps to address the country’s major supply problems. 10,500 temporary visas were issued to foreign workers. They may come and work as truck drivers or in the poultry sector.

The UK has been understaffed for some time, especially in transport companies and slaughterhouses. Reasons include the coronavirus pandemic and strict immigration rules after Brexit.

Many sectors suffer from a shortage of truck drivers. For example, many shelves in supermarkets are empty and there Close gas stations due to running out of gas.


Earlier, the government did not want to start special visas for employees from abroad. But as retailers warn that Christmas shipments are at risk, Transportation Secretary Shapps has taken the lead.

The temporary visas will be in effect for the next three months and, according to Shapps, should ensure “continuing preparations for Christmas.” Employment letters are also sent to the 1 million people who have a truck license but are not employed in the industry.

The British Chamber of Commerce responded skeptically to the measures and spoke of a drop in the ocean. The transportation industry estimates that there is a shortage of at least 100,000 truck drivers in the country.

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