9-23 Wake: America Gives Art Treasure • Day 2 General Political Reflections

9-23 Wake: America Gives Art Treasure • Day 2 General Political Reflections

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What can you expect today?

  • The House of Representatives continues to discuss budget plans for next year. On the second day of the general political repercussions, the outgoing cabinet answers questions from MPs and presents its views on the opposition’s countermeasures.
  • Germany’s presidential candidates will last discuss the campaign ahead of next Sunday’s election. According to research, previous debates were won by SPD candidate Olaf Scholz, a Social Democrat who has been campaigning for a long time.
  • Gilgamesh tablet, US returns clay tablet to Iraq. It may have been stolen from an Iraqi museum after the First Gulf War. It is one of the many thousands of art treasures that the United States returns.

What did you miss?

About 550,000 Dutch families are in what is known as energy poverty. They have high energy bills, generally poorly insulated housing and low income. That concludes Research Institute TNO, Based on figures from the Federal Bureau of Statistics for more than 6.1 million households from 2019.

“Our research shows that almost half of families live in a home without adequate insurance and can not do much about it. The vast majority of them currently have no problem paying their energy bills. Increasingly, some households in this group may still have a family payment problem,” TNO said. Leading researcher Mulder warns.

Other news from the night:

Then it is:

Dirk Loret, 25, of Myrtle, continued at 5 Vivo, but is now completing three master’s degrees simultaneously at TU Eindhoven cum Lot. This has never happened before at Indowan University of Technology.

He completed his bachelor’s degree Electrical Engineering, And during one of his exams he wanted to teach and was very interested in the security direction in technology. It made it very difficult to choose a master Electrical Engineering Went, but not even Information security technology, On Science education and communication.

Friends and family thought he was crazy when Lauret told him about his plans, but after diligently studying hard, he finished his master’s degree within three years.

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