Bridget Masland Terrified On Stage Undercover Duo: ‘Out Of My Comfort Zone’

Bridget Masland Terrified On Stage Undercover Duo: 'Out Of My Comfort Zone'

Emma sings Miley Cyrus’ song “Flowers” with her mystery singer. Although she usually recognizes voices quickly, Emma now finds it hard to tell who she’s singing a duet with: “I have no idea.” Anyway, what Emma can get out of her voice is that she’s a woman, but according to her, an experienced singer just isn’t in it: “I always think that’s a stupid thing to say, but I don’t think she has much experience singing.”

Other team members can’t understand it either: “It’s hard, you know,” says Dave. But then suddenly Geron had a hunch: “This could only be one.” From this according to Jeroen, he will keep this secret for a while.

However, it remains a challenging task for all team members, because even after the last round they haven’t learned much. Vote this Secret singer It sounds very young, but according to Jamie Loman, this “diva” has been in front of the camera for more than thirty years: “Oh, is she a model?” Soy asks. It’s Lerwin piece of cake And he sticks to his first instinct, “One hundred percent.”

At her unveiling, Bridget Masland is revealed to be none other than Bridget Masland: “No dude! So cute,” says Swee. Jeroen’s mouth immediately opens, for he does not see this coming: “What I have written, I am ashamed of it.” He thought it was oldBig brotherCandidate Kelly Van der Veer stood behind the wall and said, “Excuse me.”

Bridget really enjoys being on the programme, but singing on stage remains a challenge for her: “I really love singing outside my comfort zone. I find that very scary. According to Bridget, her performance didn’t go the way she wanted: “It was worse than I could have hoped.” But Gamay and the panelists disagree: “You dare stand here for the show and the game is too sweet,” says Gamay.

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She joked that Bridget also devised a distraction tactic. She chose to wear a turtleneck: “I thought: I’ll put all the attention on this, and then maybe no one will pay attention to my voice anymore,” she says, laughing.

secret binaries It can be seen every Thursday at 8:30pm RTL 4.

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