Bridget Masland and Christian split: ‘Understand I’m not the only one’ | to watch

Bridget Masland and Christian split: 'Understand I'm not the only one' |  to watch

Bridget Masland, 46, and real estate consultant Christian B. Henry (30 years old) is already after a few months of dating. The RTL presenter recently came to the conclusion that it is not “relationship material”. She says she was not the only woman in his life.

“We were dating and then we found out we shouldn’t do that anymore,” she says. Grazia. Rumors of a breakup swirled around a while ago, shortly after finding out that the guy was from Bridget’s parents he met. “We had a lot of fun together, but it wasn’t relationship material for me,” she says now.

‘I understand I’m not the only one,’ she adds RTL Boulevard in the paper. , and that he found my work particularly interesting, and I might be in the eyes of others. I can’t wait for that.”

She says Bridget is too busy for a new love at the moment. “On the other hand, if this happens to you, don’t let that stop you.” What type of person are you looking for next? I want someone to go for me, Bridget. I’m real. Not Bridget from TV.”

German with audiobook

Last May, it was announced that Bridget and Christian Acquaintance goods. They did not want to talk about a relationship. not later subscriber Maasland posted a picture of him and Henry on Instagram, which has since been removed.

Earlier this year she had a Hotter than my daughterYou still have a good connection with a German guy through a dating app. When Bridget suggested setting up a romantic dinner remotely at the same time, he preferred his audiobook. This is what he did to her close the door.

About two years ago, Bridget was briefly with Andre Hazes, who lied at the beginning of their relationship that he was celibate. Bridget was often seen as a bogeyman after the breakup and said: threatened with death to be.

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