Consumer cuts budget for fall vacations: ‘Average travel amount is 15% higher’ | Money

Consumer cuts budget for fall vacations: 'Average travel amount is 15% higher' |  Money

The most popular destinations are Crete, Kos, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Aljavri, holiday resorts where you can enjoy the sun until November. Sunweb has already seen a huge increase in bookings for the fall break during the summer holidays. “Some of the Dutch have deliberately skipped summer vacation this year or have stayed in the Netherlands,” says Martin Langrac of the Sunweb Group. As a result, demand has almost become greater than supply and we have almost run out.”

The summer season is ruined by aviation holidays due to the changing of the color coding of countries and the color of the Netherlands in dark red on the European Corona map. As a result, cancellations rained down in July.


With 60% of the total number of bookings, the proportion of family vacations with children under 18 is much higher than it was before this fall holiday. In 2019 this was still 45%. There is also an increase in what is spent on vacations. Before Corona, Turkey and Egypt were basically cheaper.

Now Sunweb sees the average travel total of €850 per person rising by 15%. Langerac: “Especially in Spain and the Canary Islands, holidays are held this fall in very expensive accommodations and mainly luxury all-inclusive hotels are chosen.”

TUI Travel Group also received many reservations for sunny destinations during the fall and winter holidays. For the summer of 2022, 1.6 million reservations have already been received, mainly to Cyprus, Turkey, Greece and the US Florida. TUI believes that next year the level of travel for 2019, that is, before the pandemic, will be almost identical.

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