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fix Repair depends on many things.

You have a knowledge problem. For a large portion of the population, technology is something they use, but how it works, I have no idea. I can assemble a computer and replace damaged parts if necessary. With the phone I have no idea where to start. Therefore, self-repair is impossible.

I get a defective TV set for €20 exchanged for €600 while I buy a new TV (equivalent at least) for €1,000. Then I choose this new TV. Especially if you first have to pay a large amount of research costs. (I understand that this repairman also wants to be compensated for his time if you don’t know if the repair will pay off) You can’t solve the wage ‘problem’.

You cannot expect a repairman to have all kinds of parts in stock while he hardly earns anything from selling those parts (he has to order them). Take away the old TV for three weeks or get a new one and watch the World Cup soccer matches. Seems like something against reform to me.

The moment our devices fail, there are newer technologies. Repair my old 3G phone for 200€ or pay 300 for that new 5G smartphone. The choice, except for the wappies, is somewhat predictable. Give me that 5G.

Long repair times, high labor costs and advances in technology cannot be solved by better availability of old parts.

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