Braves pick big series win vs Mets

Braves pick big series win vs Mets

Atlanta – As von Grissom In second place and Braves coach Ron Washington at third base saw him waving home, he didn’t know what to think.

“I wasn’t elated at first. I was thinking, ‘Oh my God, this is probably a close play,'” said Grissom.

It was certainly a close game, but it was also a play that could have lasting benefits for the brave, who claimed a pivotal role. 3-2 win Over the Mets Thursday night in Trust Park. The victory came thanks to Washington’s bold decision to score Grissom Michael Harris IIA double that bounced from the middle of the field before ending up in the middle of the field.

“When you have two teams like the Mets and the Atlanta Braves playing, sometimes it’s just about taking a chance,” Washington said. “I took advantage of it and it paid off.”

Grissom only played in his ninth game, ending Jacob Degrom’s 95-court effort when he scored a solo goal that shook off the gauntlet of rookie third baseman Brett Bate in seventh. Harris then greeted Seth Lugo with a 90.3 mph helicopter that seemed to have eyes as it eluded the attackers and forced quarterback Brandon Nemo to run a long distance into the right midfield.

Harris slipped to second base without knowing that he had been given the green light twice.

“I did not know [Washington had sent Grissom] So I slipped and got up and saw [Grissom] Harris said. “They called him safe and that really pissed me off. I’m glad he was in the rules, because he’s really aggressive and he’s not going to stop at anything.”

Sending aggressive Washington, Grissom bustle and Max FriedIt was the ability of the brave ones sitting like this to overcome the degrum 3 1/2 games back in the Eastern National League After taking three of four this week from the Mets first place. This week’s success offset much of the damage inflicted when the Mets played four of their five games in New York earlier this month.

“It was a big match because this was a two-way match here,” Snicker said. “This time of year, 3 and a half games is a lot. I remember that when people were chasing us. But you know what, we just have to go out and do everything we can to win tomorrow.”

With the Astros in town for this weekend’s World Championships, life just couldn’t get any easier for the defending champions. But the challenge of winning the Fifth Division title in a row would have looked much more difficult had the Braves not found a way to win this final series against Degroom and the Mets.

When DeGrom faced the Braves on August 7, he kept them uninjured until Dansby Swanson Homer hit two runs with two outs on the sixth. Swanson got right-handed again when he spotlighted a third place in two rounds on Thursday by doubling the RBI. The Mets tied with Homer Mark Kanha in the fifth inning.

Homer cut as Fried’s 69 1/3 runs without a home streak, which was MLB’s current longest streak. But that was one of the only mistakes made by the leftist, who scattered four strokes over seven rounds, while serving for the first time since suffering a concussion on August 6. Wednesday night.

What’s Fried’s view of what could end up being the most exciting Braves game of the year?

“I was sitting on the back seat [of the dugout]so I didn’t see the ball pass [the infield]Fried said. “But I heard the commotion and ran up the notch. I watched a snitch send him and didn’t know where the ball was. I was watching Vaughn run and he was able to do a really great dive. It was a thrilling play. I give him credit for running so hard.”

Grissom was running on the field and was just one step away from third base when Nemo fired the ball toward cutting man Pete Alonso, whose throw to the board was only late.

“This ball was hit in the right place,” said Nemo. “Glory to him for putting it in play. Good things happen when you put the ball in play. The only thing I wish I could have done was maybe let her tear household plates.”

Per Statcast, it took Grissom 9.58 seconds to run from first base to the board. To put that into perspective, Ronald Acuna Jr. is the only Braves player to have scored faster times this year. Acuña clocked this distance in 9.48 seconds on August 9 at Fenway Park and 9.51 seconds on July 4 against the Cardinals.

“The only reason I was able to do this was because Grissom gave me everything he had when he took off,” Washington said. “When he went around second base and I saw where that ball was and I saw the way he was getting close, I said, ‘I’m going for this.'”

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