The USB Rubber Ducky hacker stick is back with more silly features

The USB Rubber Ducky hacker stick is back with more silly features

It looks like a normal USB drive, but it’s really an innovative device hot ingredientsHacking weapon. Hak5’s Rubber Ducky has been updated to better cheat systems simply by connecting the stick to a computer, so describes the edge.

The principle seems to be very simple. The hacker inserts Rubber Ducky into a USB port on an unsuspecting computer. The computer then thinks that a regular keyboard is connected. As any PC user knows, the PC simply “beliefs” whatever the keyboard enters. Since this interface is meant for humans, the keyboard can do just about anything on a PC, with no restrictions or a way for security software to stop it.

This is where the USB stick thrives. Rubber Ducky can do all kinds of problems from the stick, so called Push-button injection. Not entirely coincidental, this was also a technique used in a scene from the rather realistic hacker series. the master. Robot.

With the recent update of DuckyScript 3.0, the masked keyboard can bring more inputs into a computer, including typing functions and logical flowCommands to perform “if, then” functions. This makes the stick even smarter, as it can now perform an attack tailored to the target system, for example by discriminating between a Mac and a Windows PC. The new Rubber Ducky can now transmit stolen data via the binary signal that normally tells whether or not the capslock light on the keyboard should be turned on. This is how clever a hacker’s weapon is.

By the way, the product should not be a problem, an attacker can run a wide variety of applications on the system. For example, a writer for The Verge wrote a script to open the tech website in Chrome; Completely harmless, although unlocking hardware information could be more harmful!

This is not a rubber duck, after all there is no duck on the logo. But we will not risk anyway, if we find the wand on the street …

the edgeAnd the Hak5

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