Border Crossing Possible for defected North Korean “Turner” in 2020

Border Crossing Possible for defected North Korean "Turner" in 2020

The person who arrived from South Korea on New Year’s Day Crossed the heavily guarded border, most likely a North Korean defector returned to his homeland. This is currently assumed by the South Korean Ministry of Defense.

These are assumptions, the authorities are still checking all available facts. But they point out that it was the same man who climbed the border fence from North Korea in November 2020. That North Korean was in his twenties at the time and was very acrobatic. He has previously claimed that he was a gymnast.


If it was really about that person, that would be great. The fact that a year and a half ago the North Korean managed to climb the three-meter-high fence and cross the no-man’s-land littered with landmines without being stopped has already been described as astounding. Not to mention that he succeeded a second time, but on the contrary, he returned to North Korea.

According to reporter Gary Van Pinksteren, the four-kilometre-wide no-man’s-land between the two Koreas is one you “shouldn’t be able to cross.” The few cases where this has happened are mostly returning North Korean defectors.

shoot right away

These returning North Koreans may have different motives for doing so. For example, they cannot settle in the capitalist society of South Korea and want to return to their families. Or they defected with the intention of spying in South Korea or on a mission there, and only then returned.

What it was in this particular case is still unclear at the moment. Van Pinxteren says in The Radio NOS 1 News. The chances that North Korea is telling us are slim.” The communist regime has yet to respond to reports that someone crossed the border.

By the way, the person He was also shot on the spot by the North Korean border guards. Because of the pandemic, they have orders to shoot as soon as someone tries to cross the border.

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