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Some Samsung TVs coming out in 2022 will receive support for Google Stadia and GeForce Now. The apps will be available through the new Gaming Hub for Samsung TVs. There will also be an NFT platform.

Samsung announces a Smart Hub renewal For Smart TV 2022, of which the Gaming Hub is a part. Die Gaming Hub provides access to a range of games that players can play via live streaming. Samsung is collaborating with Google Stadia, GeForce Now and Nvidia’s Utomik for this.

Initially Some TVs from the 2022 lineup From TVs to installing Stadia apps and GeForce Now through the Gaming Hub, Samsung details to The Verge. The company is working on bringing the Gaming Hub to previous TV models, too. The exact display of game broadcasts is not known. Only the Shield TV from Nvidia itself supports a 4K screen so far. LG announced in December its support for Stadia for webOS 5.0 and higher.

Gaming Hub will receive support for Xbox and PlayStation consoles, which, thanks to passthrough support, can be used without much effort for both the streaming services and the console.

Samsung also announced that the Smart Hub will receive the Watch Together app, which allows users to watch together via video chat. The company also mentions the NFT platform, which allows users to “discover, buy, and trade digital goods.” Finally, TVs will receive support for smart calibration, which allows users to calibrate the screen in half a minute in basic mode, while there will also be a professional mode, which allows for a comprehensive calibration in about ten minutes.

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