American Braces for Omigron

American Braces for Omigron

Vaccinated Americans, with the appearance of the Omigron variant, can celebrate Christmas without worries. But those who are not vaccinated should be concerned. President Biden warned in a speech from the White House. U.S. Reporter John Postma says Biden did everything he could to stay out of the vaccine.

Double message

“On the one hand, he came up with a health warning, and on the other hand, he painted a picture of vaccinated Americans who could have celebrated Christmas even if they had to be careful. He said he was motivated. Join us. ”Trump called on supporters.

Biden thanked the Trump administration for its efforts to develop the vaccine. On Fox News, Trump responded with surprise, but expressed his admiration for the compliment.

Omigron rules

Meanwhile, the Omigran variant is spreading rapidly in the United States – causing 73 percent of infections, and this variant now dominates. ‘We feel like we are a few weeks behind the Netherlands and Europe, but things are moving much faster here. It is the dominant variant, the fear of overloaded hospitals, that many American hospitals have run out of reserves.

Public holidays

According to Postma, the holidays in the United States are approaching, namely ‘crowded airports and congested flights. We are closely monitoring what this will do to hospital staff in the future. Military medical personnel have been sent to hospitals in support of them, and test sites are being built and 500 million free home trials have been made available to U.S. citizens to request. Postma asks skepticism about this, considering the busyness of the holiday, the criticism that it was not expected enough.

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