February 3, 2023

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Bolivia court sentences ex-president to 10 years in prison for coup d'état |  Abroad

Bolivia court sentences ex-president to 10 years in prison for coup d’état | Abroad

Right-wing Anez came to power as acting president in November 2019 after the departure of Socialist President Morales, who was forced to resign after 14 years in office following political and social turmoil. He allegedly tampered with the election results, earning him a controversial fourth term as head of state. Morales went into exile in Argentina but returned after the 2020 elections, when fellow party member Luis Ars was elected president. Anez was arrested in early 2021 on suspicion of leading a coup.

Anez, 54, who was a senator before her presidency, was convicted of “constitutional resolutions” and “dereliction of duty.” A former military commander and a former police officer were also indicted.

Anez’s lawyers, who were not allowed to attend the hearings surrounding her case and testify from her cell via video link, announced that they would appeal the ruling. She herself denies these allegations. “I did nothing to be president, but I did what I had to do. I accepted the presidency out of a sense of duty as laid down in the constitution,” she said in her closing address before the judge.

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