These apps warn you if you are at risk of getting sunburn | Currently

These apps warn you if you are at risk of getting sunburn |  Currently

The Netherlands has sunshine, but with such nice weather you always run the risk of getting burned. Your smartphone can help you avoid this.

The sun’s strength is around 5 this week, which means your skin can burn out in 15 to 25 minutes if you don’t put it on. This not only harms, but also increases the risk of skin cancer. With these apps, you are guaranteed not to get that far.


UVLens app (iOS And the Android) checks the weather at your location and gives you an overview of the day in a jiffy. On the large colorful clock, you can see what time of the day you should pay attention to the sun’s rays. At the top it says if you were safe that day or you should be careful.

In addition, you can create a profile with your characteristics, such as your skin type and eye color. Based on this information, the app roughly determines how long it will be before you burn out in the sun that day.

You can also get a reminder if you need to reapply. Many people think that with one lubrication they are good all day, but unfortunately this is not the case.


QSun (iOS And the Android) is a similar app, with a similar watch that warns you how long you can stay in the sun. If you indicate when to apply yourself, the application will tell you when it is time to submit a new application. With a short quiz, you can also determine your skin type, after which the app gives you tips on the best sunscreen to use.

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QSun also has more comprehensive options. This way you can keep track of whether you’re getting enough vitamin D, or whether you need to go out more often. The drawback is that add-ons cost money, in the form of a subscription.

sun face

If, despite all the warnings and applications, you still can’t intervene, you may need some extra encouragement. With the Sunface app (iOS And the Android) Take a picture of yourself. The app then edits that image to show the consequences of unprotected sunbathing.

This way you can see what you could look like in fifteen years if you didn’t present yourself properly. The spots on your skin will no doubt encourage you to protect yourself properly from now on.

skin monitor

If you fear that your skin may be at risk of getting caught, you can track moles and other irregularities on your skin with the Skin Monitor app (iOS And the Android) from the Melanoma Foundation.

You can take pictures of your places so you can see if they change over time. You can also set a reminder so you know when it’s time to take a new photo. Of course, these types of apps only act as a tool. If you are really concerned about a spot on your body, it is always best to see a doctor.

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