Blow Up’s Kim in tears over uncertainty: “It’s a mistake in my head”

Blow Up's Kim in tears over uncertainty: "It's a mistake in my head"

Candidates have to make a car out of balloons this week. Tough task for the second episode. All candidates are facing difficulty in the difficult task. Kim in particular finds it challenging. She has to make a taxi. “It wouldn’t really be a thing,” says Kim. “I have an error in my head. What do I do?”

Moments later, she couldn’t hold back her tears. The presenter, Leonie Terre, tells Brack what is going on. “I think it’s a little exciting. Just the uncertainty, that’s more.” Leonie puts an arm around her and comforts her. Kim continues, “I don’t want to leave. This could be a stumbling block for me.” After receiving a handkerchief from Leonie, she continued to hold her head high. “I have a mantra in my head: It can’t, it doesn’t exist. It will work. You can do it.”

Then Kim gets the hang of it. “I feel better.” Leonie also sees that she is doing better and gives Kim a teasing punch. “Maybe you’ll come home, and then cry again.” Kim can laugh about that. “Yes I think so.”

The jury was impressed with Kim’s taxi. “I was actually worried about nothing.” She makes her week winner. And this again brings Kim to tears. “I am very happy, of course.”

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