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Java is very big and always will be. It’s pretty much lost its hype and gone completely on the desktop in most places (RIP Java applets, but please never come back) but when you start looking at your backend program the situation is completely different. The widely used IDEs for Jetbrains still run on the JVM, although they will largely convert their code to Kotlin now.

Apache also remains very meticulous in their Java applications: look at a medium sized piece of Java and you’ll definitely find Apache packages, if only Maven or Log4J (see the news a while ago, you’ll see how often you don’t use it…).

Apache is still used more often in standalone projects like ActiveMQ, although there are more than enough alternatives. Apache projects are also used to process “big data” (Kafka, Spark, and many others). On mobile, Cordova remains an easy way to put your website into an app because some managers insist on having your web app in stores.

Apache is one such organization that has a product for just about every area of ​​IT where you can program, but you’ll never know what they have until you get into one of those areas. I just found out that Maven is under Apache command.

Apache has a lot of big projects that also has a lot of old and dying projects. I think they are now in 375 projects.

The difference with OpenOffice is that it was donated by Oracle. The popular “free” alternative to OpenOffice became LibreOffice, and Oracle didn’t do much with OpenOffice after that and eventually gave it to Apache. I think the momentum of the original OpenOffice project is now at the crossroads of that split moment; Personally, I like LibreOffice.

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