Black crosses dance in the rain during opposites

Black crosses dance in the rain during opposites

Diversity on the main stage on Saturday. Wolfmother’s steel guitar work comes in at 3.15pm. Then at 5:15pm another wind picked up with the moon followed by Miss Montreal at 7:15pm. Guitars returns to Belgians from Triggerfinger at 9.15pm. The stage will be closed by Dutch hip-hop act The Opposites at 11.15pm.

The stage at Megatent will be populated by Henk Wijngaard & de Woudrukkers at 3 p.m. The WC Experience will come later at 5 p.m. In the evening at 9:30 p.m. in Bökkers. Later, FeestDJRuud will also spoil visitors at 11:30 p.m.

Those who feel like dancing can go to the dance floor. At 6 p.m. there will be La Fuente, known for the international hit I Want You. Or for urban beats, go to Noaberhood. There is bigoter at 4.30pm and Joselvio at 9pm. Those who fancy a more relaxed atmosphere can go to the meadow of the regia. This includes Kenny B. at 11 p.m.

You can ram at the Roadhouse. For example with the sensation Rotterdam Bank Tramhouse at 6.45pm. A few weeks ago, the band set Bunningen on fire at the Down the Rabbit Hole festival. Later, John Coffee’s hard rock band, with Barnefield origins, live up to 8.45pm.

But even there is much more than that. You can dance at Dicotent, and delicious blues and barbecue are available at The Bayou. In the Undercover tent, visitors can listen to cover versions by Kate Bush, the Beastie Boys, The Prodigy, Queens of the Stone Age, and David Bowie.

Or relax at Playa Beach and Exoticana. Watch professional stunts at Ground Hero or the Globe of Death, or take a break at the different restaurants.

Check out a preview of La Fuente here:

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