Better battery, thinner bezels (iPhone #29 news)

Turn off your iPhone for 5 minutes a day?  (iPhone News #26)

The iPhone 15 will have a very good battery and thinner screen bezels. This was the biggest Apple and iPhone news this week!

Read on after the announcement.

‘iPhone 15 battery will be better than ever’ (here’s why)

According to rumors, the iPhone 15 will get a better battery with the same dimensions. The big advantage of this new battery is, of course, that you can use your iPhone for much longer. But how will Apple do this? These are the latest rumors about the iPhone 15.

-> That’s how good the new battery is

Safari in iOS 17 gets great improvements (and it’s even more secure)

With iOS 17 (and iPadOS 17), Safari is getting some pretty cool features. This makes the browser easier and safer to use with the new update. Wondering what changed in Safari with iOS 17? We’ve rounded up the top five improvements for you.

-> This is how to make Safari more secure in iOS 17

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Runners’ deal: iPhone 14 discount now up to €468!

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The new iPad Air is on the way (but will it appear in 2023?)

The latest iPad Air is due in 2022, but Apple is now working on a successor. What improvements will the new iPad Air get and can you buy it as early as 2023? Read on for all the rumors about the new iPad Air!

-> This will change with iPad Air

The new Mac gets an M3 chip (but you’ll still have to wait a while)

Right now, the M2 chip in the 2023 MacBook Pro is the fastest processor an Apple laptop has. Apple, of course, is still not standing still and is currently working hard on the faster successor, the M3 chip.

Want a new Mac with an M3 chip? Then you have to wait some time. But for how long exactly? You can read that here!

-> Switching to M3? This is how long you have to wait

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Runners’ deal: iPhone 14 discount now up to €468!

• Maximum benefit if you have a Ziggo at home
• 6 months of Apple Music

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SOS Emergency Report: In these countries you make an emergency call

Need help but are you out of range? In a number of countries it is possible to make an SOS emergency report via satellite using your iPhone. Useful function, especially during the trip abroad during the vacation period.

Unfortunately, the SOS function is not yet available everywhere. We put countries together for you!

-> Where will I be saved?

Always Do: Put iPhone Screen Down (Here’s Why)

You often leave your iPhone in your pocket during dinner or an evening of games. But when a smartphone appears, it is often placed face down on the table.

You usually do this so that you won’t be disturbed by any notifications you receive. But did you know that there is a good reason why iPhone screen is turned off?

-> why then?

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Runners’ deal: iPhone 14 discount now up to €468!

• Maximum benefit if you have a Ziggo at home
• 6 months of Apple Music

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New image confirms: iPhone 15 gets the thinnest screen bezels ever

Rumors that the iPhone 15 will have thinner screen bezels have been going around for quite some time and now it seems to be confirmed again. A new image has been leaked showing the screens of the new iPhones.

The image reveals the thinnest screen edges, which indicates that the iPhone 15 will have the thinnest screen edges ever!

-> The screen edges are so thin

Apple GPT does exist – we know this from Apple’s ChatGPT

Apple reportedly already has its own version of ChatGPT, but it’s not yet available to everyone. According to rumors, Apple GPT is already used within the company, for example to develop new technology. Here’s what you need to know about Apple GPT.

-> When can I use Apple GPT?

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