Suzuki Vitara (2018-present) – Used car buying tips

Suzuki Vitara (2018-present) - Used car buying tips

What are the engines of the Suzuki Vitara?

Suzuki was surprised in 2018 with this renewed Vitara model with its 1.4 mild hybrid version. A 1.4-liter engine with a turbo and an intercooler—it’s called the Boosterjet—but it also has modest electric assist, of course to reduce emissions numbers. He’s not a bully, not an economic miracle, but just a great engine. Another related engine is the 1.0 Boosterjet turbo. Practical experiences confirm what you might think of yourself, 1.4 is a little better. It is even a must if you like to tow something by car, which we are so fond of in the Netherlands. She can pull up to 1,500 kilograms! So for a used Vitara, that’s the engine.

Does the Suzuki Vitara have four wheel drive?

It’s a very tough camper, but all-wheel drive isn’t standard. This is also just front wheel drive and that’s fine for 99% of the daily use that Vitara drivers have with their car. Keep it simple. It saves money, fuel and maintenance, so it’s good.

How economical is the Suzuki Vitara 1.4 Smart Hybrid?

We said nice drive. Well, the nice engine is smooth and has the power to deliver throughout the rev range. We have 129 PS and 235 Nm on board, while the 1-liter is stuck at 112 PS and 160 Nm. In addition, the Vitara has a practical fuel consumption of 1 in 14, which is quite impressive for this bodywork. Weight contributes to this because the Suzuki weighs 1200kg, so although 1 liter is enough for Holland, with 1.4 you always have something left and this drives well.

How is it sent?

But then the machine. Go shopping. An SUV of this size and price with an automatic transmission. This is rare. That’s why we chose automatic. But…not super subtle. Not that either. And we found that typical Suzuki. The brand doesn’t get this much refinement, in any area, from Honda, Toyota or Mazda. This is permissible, because in general it is steeper with its price. They watch the money at Suzuki without really disappointing their customers, something like that.

How wide is the Suzuki Vitara?

A little disappointing with this generation of Vitara is the space available. There are more spacious cars on the market. It seems this Vitara is really a thing for empty nesters, and the kids out the door. In the back seat it’s still okay, but the trunk is below par.

What are the equipment of the Suzuki Vitara?

You can see from the infotainment system that the Vitara has been around for a while, because the last facelift was in 2018. And a few years are an eternity in the automotive world. Just look at the placement and size of the infotainment. But again: adaptive cruise control with memory.

How is the Suzuki Vitara going?

What immediately stands out when driving: more noise inside. We just mentioned that Suzuki does a little bit of work under the big Japanese names. This is one of its characteristics, it is a little thinner, a little less insulating, and a little cheaper. But Suzuki resolutely responds with the famous Japanese quality. Because even though the brand is not seen as on the Japanese stage, the reliability of the technology makes it all right.

Are there known issues?

Suzuki lives up to Japan’s reputation for reliability. There are no real points of interest known other than the regular maintenance stuff. So look beyond the less smooth interior or the audible engine growl, these are good things.

We’d dare you to do it with a used Vitara. You can have complete confidence in reliability and longevity. But don’t expect a premium SUV. The Suzuki runs a little lower in the market and you’ll notice it without it being bad. A quality product without an attitude, that’s what it is. And with that engine, automatic transmission and equipment, you’ve got a great package.

Pros and Cons

+ Beautiful rugged design

+ Technically reliable

– Not very wide

– a little less developed

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