BKFC 41 live results, play-by-play coverage | Perry vs. Rockhold

BKFC 41 live results, play-by-play coverage |  Perry vs. Rockhold

As we can tell from the numbers on the side of the cards, this is the 41st event the BareKnuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) has put on… and arguably the biggest event the promotion has ever done in terms of sheer star power. On a regular card, a name like Ben Rothwell would be a main event, while one or two Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and former Bellator contenders like Bec Rawlings, Brandon Girtz, and Chris Camozzi might be added to the mix.

But not tonight (Saturday, April 29, 2023).

Live, from Broomfield, Colorado, BKFC is bringing us a card where both the main event and co-main event honestly could have been the main event of a UFC Fight Night. We have former three-time contender to the belt, Chad “Money” Mendes, against Bellator and former UFC Lightweight, Eddie Alvarez…and that’s not the main event! Former Strikeforce champion and 185-pound UFC champion Luke Rockhold is set to make his debut against former UFC quarterback, “Platinum” Mike Perry.

it’s the biggest event This promotion has earned and MMAmania.com It brings you results directly and color as it happens. The event begins at 8pm ET on Youtube with three bouts of “Prelims” undercards, followed by a pay-per-view (PPV) at 9pm EST.

It’s worth noting, for those crazy people who’ve already purchased Fite+, this isn’t included in your subscription. This is the A separate PPV event At $49.99. Fite + gets subscribers 50 percent off the priceor you can buy it on BKFC app too.

it’s the Larger Topless Boxing Event of the Year! Watch former UFC Middleweight Champion Luke Rockhold take on martial arts wild man Mike Perry He lives Connected here – Never miss a second of bareknuckle face punch action!

BKFC 41 “Perry vs. Rockhold” Rapid Results

185 lbs.: Mike Perry vs. Luke Rockhold – Perry Dave. Rockhold via TKO (R2, 1:15)
165 lbs: Chad Mendes vs. Eddie Alvarez – Alvarez defeated. Mendes via Split Decision (47-46 x2, 46-47) – Highlights
125 lbs: Christine Veria vs. Beck Rawlings – Feria def. Rawlings via TKO, doctor stops (R2, 2:00)
265 lbs: Josh Copeland Ben Rothwell vs. Dave Rothwell. Copeland via TKO, corner stop (R3, 2:00)
205 lbs.: Chris Kamauzi vs. Daniel Spoon – Kamuzzi v. Spohn via KO (R1, 2:00)
170 lbs.: Brandon Gerts vs. Christian Torres – Gerts defeated. Torres via KO (R1, 1:10)
155 lbs: Mike Alvarado vs. James Brown – Brown Def. Alvarado via TKO, doctor stops (R2, 2:00)
195 lbs.: Jesse Stalder vs. Roderick Stewart
145 lbs.: Gabriel Roman vs. Kourtney Cameron – Draw 48-46, 47-47 x 2
185 lbs.: Matthew Maestas vs. Dillon Winemiller – Winemiller def. Maestas via KO (R1, 0:07) – Highlights
180 lbs.: Marcus Edwards vs. Jay Jackson – Edwards defeated. Jackson via KO (R1, 2:00)
155 lbs.: BJ Lawrence vs. Wayna Reid
155 lbs.: Jack Willoughby vs. Mitch Siebold – Siebold Dave. Willoughby via TKO (R1, 1:23)

BKFC 41 Play-by-Play Results

Luke Rockhold vs. Mike Perry

First round: Rockhold in white with red coils, Berry in silver and blue coils. Left by Rockhold. Right in the Flesh by Perry – No, it was too low and we have pause in action. Berry bluffs and closes the distance. He gets to the left before the ref breaks them. Solid left hand swaying. Rockhold runs in, Perry catches him. Now Perry lands left supporting Rockhold. The left hand was money for both people.

10-9 Rockhold

Round 2: A pair of punches from Rockhold answered with two from Perry. Rockhold slides, no damage. Rockhold left, then a clean right hand fell to Perry. descends into the body. Perry slams shut again and rips open his ribcage. Rockhold complains about something, Ref tells them to fight. Perry walks forward again and continues to roast the rib. Rockhold looks at the referee, complaining about something. It does not seem that he wants to continue, and the ruling obliges him to do so. it’s all over.

Final results: Mike Perry defeats Luke Rockhold, TKO 1:15, Rd. 2

Chad Mendes vs. Eddie Alvarez

Round 1: Both guys are dressed in black, so Eddie is the bald guy in white shoes and red caps, and Chad is in blue shoes and a wrap. A quick start, but nothing lands really clean for either man, as they both move around so well. Oh, the cute right hand from Mendes, who looks so much faster. He got another right, but it looks like he has a little mouse in his right eye. Alvarez with a capital letter.

10-9 Mendez

Second round: Eddie with a header. Mendes really misses, connecting with a left that sends Alvarez to the canvas for the first knockdown of the night! Alvarez is back. Honestly, I’m rooting for Mendes here, because Eddie’s wife is in attendance and her screams are deafening. Eddie gets the right, but he eats the left. of both men, but Mendes looked stronger.

10-8 Mendez

Round 3: A short left hook on the break by Alvarez trips Mendes, and as he backs up, it counts as a knockdown. Chad double whammy. Mendes backs up Alvarez, but doesn’t land anything very clean before Alvarez can spin to his left. There he left the former featherweight. Alvarez bats right-handed.

10-8 Alvarez

Round 4: Mendes with two quick hits to open. Left right lands him. Right hook for Eddie and left for Mendes. Mendes momentarily grabbed his wrist – something to watch. Alvarez with a medium cut on his eyebrow. Both men dodge fairly well, given the amount of chaos that ensues.

10-9 Mendez

Fifth round: Alvarez ducks straight. Alvarez gets a shovel hook, and Mendes assists with a right hand. Alvarez has taken some of those punches to finally connect. Rights from both men. Top right by Alvarez. He’s landing at a good clip now. Alvarez and Mendes giveaways go down! He gets up and shakes his hand. Mendes looked desperate and at the bell, he punched Alvarez right in the temple!

9-8 Alvarez

Final results: Eddie Alvarez defeats Chad Mendes, split decision 47-46×2, 46-47

Kristin Viera vs. Beck Rawlings – Women’s Flyweight Championship match

Round 1: Hey, Conor McGregor, wave to the fighters, yell a little and be loud. Rawlings in black and purple, Feria in black and gold. Rawlings hits the counter right to open the contact. Feria connects left. There’s a left right, both of the looks and Rawlings has a small cut somewhere in the center of her face. Pause right – left – right of the hero. Rawlings with a pair of right hands. the third.

10-9 feria

Round 2: Rawlings’ right eyebrow was cut, but passed a doctor’s examination. It looks like Rawlings has been lighting a fire under her ass, as she’s hooking up with some big shots here. She’s leaving Feria about 3-to-1 as she swings early in the round. Feria now cut off near her temple. Both women land. Double hit from Feria, right-handed big hitter from Beck. Right and left of the Australian. Both women connect with right hooks.

10-9 Rawlings in a close round

The doctor stopped it this time, and I’m not really sure why, because the wound didn’t get any worse. Poor stopping, in my opinion.

Final Results: Christine Veria defeated Bec Rawlings, TKO (Doctor’s Stop), 2:00, Rd. 2

Josh Copeland vs. Ben Rothwell

First round: Rothwell in black and red, Copeland in regular black. Copeland spins wide and hits left. and the upper right, which Rothwell cuts under his eye. Ben hits a solid right. Decisiveness and resting reference. Rothwell gets left. Uppercuts in the grab from both men. Rothwell leads, duck left, misses one of his own. Great leadership by Rothwell. Rothwell enters with a left hook.

10-9 Copeland

Round two: Rothwell drops a few short uppercuts in a clinch before getting broke. Copeland wings up. Ben with a strange left hand that somehow sends Copeland up his ass. 8 count and we are back. Rothwell with a cleanup shot now, but Josh saw this and ate it well. Both men land on the ground. Copeland seems to be slowing down. Rothwell has short, measured right hands.

10-8 Rothwell

Third round: Copeland stars with a pair of rights lifted to open the round, both tying and sending Rothwell to the back burner. Ben is now recovering his composure and moving forward. short wave Rothwell gets clinched and hydrates Copeland’s rib cage. Rothwell wins this every time. body and head. Copeland gets a shot here and there, but most of the traffic is downhill on Rothwell Highway. Copeland looks very tired and battered.

10-8 Rothwell

Josh Copeland’s angle has thrown in the towel, and that’s it.

Final Results: Ben Rothwell defeats Josh Copeland, TKO, 2:00, Rd. 3

Chris Camuzzi vs. Daniel Spoon

First round: Camozzi in orange, and Spohn in black. Spoon starts us off with a nice left hand on set. Decisiveness and rest. Camozzi hit a short arm. Camozzi’s left and down goes Spohn abruptly. Large cut on eyebrow spun. Camozzi eats left and returns one. Right hand and spun falls again! These shots don’t look very clean, but they do a pretty bad disservice here. Camozzi grabs his head and, like the last game, turns this into a hockey fight. Spohn is eating big chunks and has fallen again. He’s not getting up this time.

FINAL RESULTS: Chris Camuzzi defeats Daniel Spoon, KO, 2:00, WAY. 1

Brandon Gerts vs. Christian Torres

First round: Torres in black, Gerts in blue. South Gertz vs. Orthodox Torres. Torres takes the lead, eating a good left. They started shooting at each other repeatedly, and Torres picked up the worst of it. He tries to tie Gerts up, but he falls flat on his face. Torres takes a moment to collect himself and beat the count. They start back up and Girtz is firing on all cylinders looking for the ending. But Torres is right. Girtz places his left arm behind his head and begins shooting hooks and uppercuts as if it were a hockey fight. Torres eats about 5 or 6 before collapsing to the canvas, and he didn’t beat the count this time.

Final Results: Brandon Gerts defeats Christian Torres, CO, 1:10, WAY. 1

Mike Alvarado vs. James Brown

First round: Alvarado in black and purple and brown in black and gold. Alvarado is a former professional boxer who fights in his hometown, so he is a firm favorite here. Gap from Brown. Alvarado misses an arm, Brown with a pair of 1-2 hits mostly hitting the guard, but enough to cut him down. The brown swings big here, connecting with two toppings and Alvarado bleeding profusely. He’s got a gash on the top of his head that looks like a brat.

10-9 brown

Round 2: Correction, looks like he’s got two cuts on the top of his head. Alvarado pushes forward but doesn’t throw anything. The Browns slip on something and stop the action to clear the cloth. Finally there is a good right hand by Alvarado. Brown with frenzy. Brown does something clever here and hits 80% frequently, and the bare knuckles cut the hell out of Alvarado. Alvarado hits the body at the last minute.

10-9 brown.

The Doctor comes to look Alvarado in the eye, and stops her!

FINAL RESULTS: James Brown defeated Mike Alvarado, TKO (doctor stop), 2:00, Rd. 2

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