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You rightly state why we in Europe have to depend on foreign big technologies.

You know that every legislator in principle will always give more weight to what we want when weighing the interests between what they want and what we want. In short: you only make a negative decision (for yourself) if there is more elsewhere.

Looking at negotiating the price, I can ask A for the prime price now and make a lot out of it, but if I want to keep you as a customer in the future, I can give you a little. Discount now. But I didn’t do it for the good of my heart… but only for the good of the future.

That’s why ASML is cooperating with the chip blockade on China… not because they want to sell low chip machines, but in the end it’s better to keep America happy than to keep China happy, China on the other hand is a big market share then asml probably wouldn’t have cooperated and they’re not responsible and you’re the UN Security Council (or something). It is also commonly said that you should play things through.

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