Pakistani police once again clashed with their supporters at the home of the wanted former prime minister

Pakistani police once again clashed with their supporters at the home of the wanted former prime minister
Ansar Khan in his hometown of Lahore

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For the second day in a row, violent disturbances took place at the home of former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan. The ousted politician was summoned but his supporters still prevented him from being arrested.

Khan was accused of selling state gifts. The 70-year-old denies the claim and speaks of a political process. The confrontation started in front of his house in Lahore about two weeks ago. Ansar Khan stopped the officers when the police tried to arrest him.


Yesterday the situation escalated. Dozens of policemen and their supporters were injured in the clashes. Even today, tear gas and water cannons have been used against the crowds Khan wants to protect. Khan’s supporters threw bricks and used batons in a fight with the security forces.

Khan further claims that he was shot with live fire by the police and army. Instead of arresting him, “the real intention is to kidnap and kill me,” the wanted ex-PM tweeted:

According to the latest reports, the police retreated to his home. Khan’s arrest has been postponed until after an important cricket match in Lahore. It is not clear how many people were injured today and if there were any deaths.

Khan is popular among the people for his achievements in cricket, which is the most popular sport in Pakistan. The politician became a national hero of the sport when he won the world title in 1992 as captain of the Pakistan cricket team.

Khan’s party, PTI, has asked the court in the capital, Islamabad, to lift the siege on his house. Earlier today, the former prime minister said he was ready to appear in court on Saturday. He says he is worried about his safety.

Khan was wounded in the leg in an attack

Khan ruled Pakistan from 2018 to 2022. Parliament removed him in a vote of confidence in April last year.

The Prime Minister claims that there is a conspiracy against him. The United States would have helped remove him, after criticizing the American “war on terror”. Washington denies this accusation.

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