Big goal between Patti Braard and her daughter: “It’s good to be able to do this with my mom” | stars

Big goal between Patti Braard and her daughter: "It's good to be able to do this with my mom" |  stars

“It’s great that my mom and I can do this together,” says Priscilla, who hasn’t chosen a career in the entertainment industry but works at an animal shelter. With this statement, she is referring not only to vacations, for example, in Ibiza and trips like this, but also to a big project that they will launch together later this week. The name is a combination of mother and daughter: Preity.

“Priscilla’s dream has always been to be a jeweler,” says Patti. β€œAnd one of the things I would like to convey to her in life is that you have to realize your dreams. I am really proud of her! She has the first mood boards Made of jewelry line and all look and feel given to this group. The name comes from her too.”


Priscilla: “We assembled our jewelry collection – meant for moms, daughters, and friends of all ages – at the big drugstore chain my mom has been working with for some time. Preity It is based on the fact that as a mother and daughter you can wear the same thing, but in your own way. Look at us, we also somehow have the same clothes and accessories. Although Mama, like an old hippie, wears everything together and I have a more classic flair.”

Patti loves working together after all these years of being away from each other’s lives. “And enjoy it a lot! Of course there are still discussions, (laughs πŸ™‚ but now it’s about all those colors and combinations. We don’t want to argue again! It’s all a waste of time… and it goes fast.”

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