June 8, 2023

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Microsoft CEO: There will be fewer and fewer exclusive games – Games – News

You mean they come out on the PC too.

Yes, MS is great for the world of computers, who also use the MS operating system en masse. what a coincidence.

His example speaks of Playstation and Xbox, and he certainly chose not to release many games on them.

I think everyone agrees with that sentiment, but his actions contradict it.
MS entered the console market when there were already 3 big players (Dreamcast was still a thing at the time) and immediately started competing with Sony.
We’re now in Generation 4 Xbox, and MS still competes with Sony.

Everyone knows that, especially at launch, Sony and MS consoles make little or no profit (or even cost money), if MS really wants this console, why not go to Sony, join forces, say they pulled out a deal that Xbox Gamepass will become the service on Sony consoles

Actions speak louder than words, and his actions are simply a continuation of what he claims to be against.

Note: Since everyone loves to throw a fanboy sticker at someone when you criticize something, let me just say I own the X series and are basically on the PC game these days.

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