June 7, 2023

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Biden is considering sending soldiers to Eastern Europe and the Baltic states |  abroad

Biden is considering sending soldiers to Eastern Europe and the Baltic states | abroad

Biden is expected to make a decision this week, according to the sources. Various plans are ready, in which from one thousand to five thousand soldiers will be sent. There are also warships and planes bound for Europe. If tensions continue to escalate, there is a possibility that forces will increase tenfold.

No US forces will be sent to Ukraine itself. But if American soldiers are indeed being sent to Eastern Europe and the Baltic states, that is the role of the White House. Biden has previously been reluctant to deploy US forces because he might be seen as a provocation by Russian President Putin.

With pain and effort

Biden has also painstakingly withdrawn all US forces from Afghanistan after 20 years of fighting, and he wants to avoid another potentially protracted conflict. So far, only American weapons materials have gone to Ukraine.

“Even during diplomatic consultations, we are very focused on building defense and working on deterrence,” Secretary of State Anthony Blinken told Face the Nation, US television’s foreign court. NATO will greatly strengthen itself if Russia continues its aggression. That’s all on the table.”

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Meanwhile, the US State Department has ordered families of embassy staff to leave Ukraine. US citizens have also been asked to leave the country. A negative travel advice has been placed for Ukraine.

US State Department sources warn that Americans cannot be evacuated if a Russian invasion occurs.

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