March 21, 2023

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Best offers for racing enthusiasts

Best offers for racing enthusiasts

In recent years, Black Friday has become an increasingly common phenomenon. Many retail chains offer huge discounts on many products the day after Thanksgiving. Since Sinterklaas is coming soon and Christmas is approaching again, Black Friday is also a great time to do some regular shopping. There are also must-haves for racing enthusiasts, as lists the best deals for you.

Racing Games

Racing game is not a new genre but it has gained immense popularity during the spread of Corona virus. On Black Friday, you can choose some of the popular racing games with great discount:

  • EA and Codemasters release a new F1 game every year. This year’s edition is of course F1 2021 and it’s available at a huge discount on Playstation 4And PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X, Series S on Xbox One.
  • For motorcycle lovers, there is MotoGP 21, the official game of MotoGP in which there is also a role for Moto2 and Moto3. The game price has been significantly reduced for Playstation 4.
  • The World Rally Championship also has a franchise of its own, with WRC 10 being released this year. The game is available at a great price on Playstation 4 employment PlayStation 5.


Of course you want to be able to play those games, so buying a game console is not an unnecessary luxury. For the best experience, there are two options: Sony’s PlayStation range and Microsoft’s different Xbox models. There are also great deals in this area during Black Friday:

  • from Xbox S It is the entry level model of the latest generation of consoles from Microsoft. The console is relatively small in size and can be purchased at a discount.
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steering wheels

It’s generally possible to play racing games with a console, but for the most realistic experience possible you’ll also want to use a steering wheel and pedal set. Black Friday is a great time to buy such a set at high discounts:

  • Thrustmaster entry form is T80. During the Black Friday Special Ferrari 488 GTB-editie On sale at a discount of more than 30 euros.
  • If you want to spend more money on the wheel, you can take a look at Thrustmaster at from T150 RS. This model has been optimized for PC, PS4 and PS3 and is available on Black Friday at €80 off.
  • The analogue of the T150 RS is called the Xbox Di TMX force feedback, which is also available at a reduced price.

gaming chairs

If you really want to take your racing gaming experience to the next level, it would be wise to look into a real gaming seat. In this field, there are many models designed specifically for racing games that can be found at a discount on Black Friday:


The current racing seasons are coming to an end or are already over. There is a new season coming next year, however, what better way to keep up with the action than by subscribing to your favorite category’s live streaming service? On Black Friday, you can get such a subscription at a discount:

F1 merchandise

Many racing enthusiasts express their support for a team or driver by purchasing merchandise. The well-known faces in the stands are of course the Red Bull Racing jerseys and hats from Max Verstappen, but F1 Authentics have some special items on sale on Black Friday:

  • For example, signed caps are offered by many drivers. Who has a special cover with signature Fernando Alonso from Antonio Giovinazzi He wants, he has a special chance on Black Friday.
  • In addition, various team jerseys that have been signed are presented by, among others, Kimi Raikkonen employment Fernando Alonso.
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mini models

However, selling F1 Authentics isn’t just about merchandise. The platform, which is affiliated with Formula 1, also contains a wide range of exclusive miniature models.