Belmont Park: Trainer Mark A Henning wants answers after two horses died

John Minchello/AP

The Belmont Stakes was held in Belmont Park, New York, on Saturday.


He coached two horses that died at Belmont Park – home Belmont Stakes He said the news left him “heartbroken” and “devastated”.

Tell Mark A. Hennig told CNN that his horses, Mashnee Girl and Excursionniste, were healthy in their respective races that weekend, but both struggled. fatal injuries less than 24 hours.

In the first race at Belmont Park on Sunday, Mashnee Girl fell near the quarter pole, according to industry-owned database Equibase, before being dumped on the track.

It comes after Excursionniste died on Saturday, in the 13th and final race of the day, which took place after the prestigious Belmont Stakes – a race he won Arcangelo.

The horse suffered a left-back injury, was withdrawn, and euthanized on the turf track, according to Equibase.

“We always put the horse first and I have a clear conscience that we brought very healthy individuals out for a run this weekend,” Hennig told CNN.

“Thank God both riders were unharmed. I spoke to both of them and they both told me how well the horses were traveling underneath, before making a tragically bad move.”

At Belmont Park, New York, four horses died while racing or training from May 13 through Saturday’s Belmont Stakes.

“The main dirt track and turf track are inspected before, during and after each race day,” New York Racing Association (NYRA) spokesman Pat McKenna said in a statement after the recent deaths, adding that injuries are being investigated.

The data and soil samples are then shared with independent engineers, who assess the condition and consistency of each surface. Our review found all three racing decks to be consistent throughout with no anomalies.

“NYRA’s comprehensive safety strategy is informed by the most advanced science and research in consultation with independent experts, veterinarians and equestrians.

“The health and safety of the horses and riders who compete at NYRA tracks is our top priority above all other considerations.”

The news comes on the heels of a series of unexpected deaths at prestigious racecourses that have rocked the world of horse racing.

The owner of Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby, announced last week that he was suspending race operations to conduct a “top to bottom” review of all safety and surface protocols after the death of 12 horses at the racetrack.

Racetrack said it was “disturbed” by the deaths. There is no clear cause linking the deaths, according to Churchill Downs.

In the wake of the recent deaths, Cathy Guillermo, Senior Vice President betain a statement from the animal rights organization Website: “Two days of riding a thoroughbred with the same trainer on the same track means one thing: Belmont Park fails to protect the horses.

“Like Churchill Downs, Belmont must immediately suspend the race to avoid the same bloodbath. Anything less makes Belmont complicit in the deaths.”

In his statement, Hennig said he “desperately” wanted answers about his horses’ deaths, but was confident that organizing company NYRA was doing due diligence and vetting the course “to ensure maximum safety going forward.”

“We all love our horses and will continue to ensure our horses are loved and cared for. Thank you to my owners for their unwavering trust and support.”

“Thank you to all who have reached out to us, to offer their support, at this unimaginably bad time. We will continue to grieve and pray for the loss of these two beautiful horses.”

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