Bed & Breakfast owners watched the broadcast with the “real” Frank

Bed & Breakfast owners watched the broadcast with the "real" Frank

Roelof, in particular, has attracted a lot of attention. Or, to be more precise: the eyebrows his friend had trimmed before recording the Omroep Max. “They have turned very black,” he says to the necessary dose of self-mockery general newspaper† “I can accept criticism. But I think: Look at yourself first. Let everyone do what they want.”

But his partner Theo was also popular on Twitter and many viewers thought they looked like the first rich poorStars Frank and Roger. And let that just be a couple’s friends! Frank was even on the couch in Scheveningen on Friday evening to watch the broadcast. “Frank is a very good friend of ours,” Roelof says. “He convinced me to take part in the program. During the Corona period we had almost no reservations, so this was really an outing.” “We laughed really well last night.” Rogier has not been there, and Theo and Roelof have not communicated with him since the divorce.

bed and breakfast It can be seen every Friday at 8.30pm on NPO1. Watch the first broadcast of the season here Back.

Last summer, bed and breakfasts turned out to be more than ever b & with love† Although the show was a huge success, unfortunately the nominees were less fortunate in love. However, Debbie has now found love.

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