February 1, 2023

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Beautiful Afternoon by Meilandjes causes hilarity among viewers

Beautiful Afternoon by Meilandjes causes hilarity among viewers

While Maxime and Martien are busy assembling a closet at the Help us Helpen Foundation, Martien prepares for an amazing beauty treatment. He got advice from his esthetician to make his own scrub with a little sunflower oil and sugar. And since they have neither oil at home nor money for this, he is forced to knock on the neighbor’s door to get a little oil.

And of course Martien wouldn’t be Martien, if he brought an empty wine glass to put the oil in. On his way home, he receives comment from other neighbors about whether he is “sitting on wine again”. A glass with oil looks suspiciously like a glass of Chardonnay. Martin waves everything away “No, it’s sunflower oil!” , he told his neighbors.

Maxim and Erica don’t know what to expect at home yet, but Martin is ready to give his daughters a beauty course. While the sunflower oil is still in the wine glass, Maxim decides to play a joke. Martin asked if he wanted a glass of wine and she secretly gave him the glass of oil. As he takes a big gulp of the glass, he spits it all out with the same speed in disgust. “Damn! Outside my kitchen, stupid kid!” So he shouts at Maxim.

Fortunately, it turns out he’s in the mood for beauty soon after. He wipes his face filled with excitement, while Maxim watches in amazement. When Martien’s face turns bright red soon after, the ladies begin to have doubts about his “track”. “How hard did you rub?” Maxim shouted, stunned. “Don’t rub too hard, it will peel off your entire skin!”

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Meilandjes’ actions once again provide viewers with much-needed fun: