B&B Vol Liefde viewers abhor Martijn: “Is polygamy legal?”

B&B Vol Liefde viewers abhor Martijn: "Is polygamy legal?"

Earlier in the day, Martijn had a jiu-jitsu date with only Simon. Touch satisfies the love filter. Simon candidly says, “A little bit of fun and a little crazy is great fun. That way you get to know each other in a different way.”

Meanwhile, Marianne maintains a bed and breakfast with Martin’s mother. A little later, she was sitting outside the door having lunch with Martin’s parents. “Hopefully we’ll go on a date soon, too,” Marianne says.

Together, you probably didn’t mean for Simon to be there, but that’s what’s planned for the evening. Martijn takes both ladies to the beach club. Arm in arm, the three walk on site. Martin thinks everything is fine. “I saw everyone looking like: What’s he doing now? But I thought: Handcuffs, don’t you bother. Those are two very beautiful women, I can come up with them.”

“What does it feel like to walk with two ladies on your arm?” Marianne asks Martin. “Really delicious. I had to get used to it. Everyone looks at it too. But no, it’s delicious.”

The ladies are very excited about Martijn. They can already see themselves completely settling in the Portuguese sun. “I’m enjoying this,” Simon says.

Once the sun goes down, Martin picks up his ladies again. But the three are now sitting next to each other and Martin puts his hands around the ladies’ hips. “I don’t think this is wrong,” he says. After he let his wives go to the dance floor where they released his hips.

Although Martijn had fun grabbing Simone and Marian, viewers could sense the height of their dinner. Someone wrote “Martijn’s Research History: Is Polygamy Legal in Portugal?” And another says: ‘Martijn first harms me.’ b & with love“.

b & with love It can be seen every working day at 8:30 pm. On RTL 4 and on Videoland you can look at the dating program.

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