This is what a structural engineer deserves | Currently

This is what a structural engineer deserves |  Currently

The amount you can earn in your profession largely depends on your sector or industry and your work experience. What are the wages for different professions? This week: Structural engineers.

Salaries for structural engineers can vary widely. This is why the Royal Institute of Engineers (KIVI) does this via Trade Journal The engineer Participate in a journal exploratory study for rewards. No results yet, but KIVI collects indicators from left and right.

Architecture study supported by eleven different people colleges exhibited in the Netherlands. Then these HBO students become GE engineers.

To get a university education in architecture, you can go to the technical universities in Delft and Eindhoven. Graduates receive the title of IR.

What will you gain?

There is no collective labor agreement for structural engineers, but Building and Infrastructure Collective Labor Agreement. In addition, there is a file Collective labor agreement for architectural firms which will run until the end of 2023. In this collective labor agreement, the minimum starting salary is Total 2,450 EUR. The salary increases when engineers with practical experience as the project coordinator step in. In construction management, the starting salary can be a maximum of 4,760 euros per month.

NLengineers, the trade association for consulting, management and engineering firms, says it cannot offer standard wage amounts. Refer to the manager of a smaller agency for more information. This company has a foreign parent company and is not allowed to appoint an independent spokesperson. So the manager wishes to remain anonymous, but can provide more information about salaries.

The subsidiary advises companies and governments on construction work, but also on spatial plans and road and rail infrastructure. “For a well-trained engineer who fits into our team, I would assume a starting salary of around €3,000 in total,” said the manager.

What is the salary hike?

The Architectural Corporate Collective Labor Agreement provides architects with the possibility of a gross monthly salary of up to a maximum of 6,150 euros. An additional 10 percent may be added. The monthly salary can therefore rise to approximately 6,770 euros.

The highest salaries are highly dependent on experience and specialization, but can easily reach €90,000 per year. The above consulting offers bonuses linked to profits sometimes amounting to several monthly stipends.

“You basically get tremendous satisfaction from doing the work.”

Consulting Manager

In addition, more than half of the employees – as co-shareholders of the parent company – can add thousands of euros during the current profitable years.

Such profit sharing is very common in this sector. In a survey conducted by Technical Weekly Among the 6,500 pilot workers, 70 percent of the engineers said they would receive a bonus or profit share in 2019.

What should you and what you can do for this salary?

The work week consists of 32-40 hours and employees can experience it very intensely. In the said survey, 45 percent of technicians said they had a high workload, compared to 8 percent who had a low workload.

About the content of work as an engineer, the consulting manager says: “You basically get tremendous satisfaction from doing the work. You can use your knowledge and creativity to the optimum. And you always make discoveries that also make you a better engineer…Work never becomes a standard.”

In addition, the work of engineers is becoming increasingly international, says the director. “We work in a knowledge-sharing network, as with our parent company, which is active in many places in Europe and sometimes beyond. You can then come up with solutions that fit the norms and cultures there.”

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