Battlefield 3: Reality Mod will be released for PC on July 17th – Games – News

The developers of BF3: Reality Mod announces the release of the mod on July 17th. The complete transformation of Battlefield 3 into a modern tactical shooter took seven years to develop and takes inspiration from the influential Project Reality: BF2 mod.

BF3: Mod Reality Objectives Like Repair A complete overhaul of the gameplay for the base game from 2011. From Trailer release You can see, among other things, the improved graphic quality of the game, as well as the tactical approach to mods. The developer, a team of “80+ contributors”, aims to improve the look, textureAnd effects and a very short time to kill bring a more realistic experience. Also, the focus in Reality Mod is more on collaboration and communication.

There are some requirements for the mode, which only works with the official version of Battlefield 3 including all DLC via Origin and Steam. For example, only “established communities can apply for a license,” which once again underscores how the project targets players interested in the more serious tone of BF3: Reality Mod. Across Official Discord Servant The amendment allows groups to apply for a license.

In addition, the mod platform Unleashing Venice Required to play the mod. This is the modframework is basically required to create any mod For Battlefield 3, because DICE doesn’t offer mod support by default. One of the characteristics of VU is the possibility Habit servers, which makes it possible in BF3: Reality Mod to play with more than 100 players on a single server.

BF3: Reality Mod is based heavily on Project Reality: BF2, and is similarly realistic Repair From Battlefield 2. The creators of this mod later joined the studio Offworld Industries, responsible for the BF2 mod’s spiritual successor, Squad. A successful multiplayer shooter, like the mods mentioned, places special emphasis on the realistic representation of a modern conflict, where single players are just a small part of a huge battle.

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