“Graham Norton is married” | stars

"Graham Norton is married" |  stars

Last weekend was a big party at the four star Bantry House location in Cork, Ireland. The Irish Examiner She reported that Graham Norton had rented the hotel for his wedding. Remarkably, he has always managed to keep the secret of who the great love of his life is and yet it has not been leaked yet to whom he would give his blessing. He was previously with Trevor Patterson and Andrew Smith.

It is not known how much time Norton spends with the man who can now call his husband. in conversation with Sunday Mirror In 2015, Graham said he thought it would be easier to find someone if they were straight. “That sounds gender biased,” he said, “but that doesn’t mean it’s any less true.” If I was straight, my partner would play a role in the eyes of society. She will be the mother of my children, the person on my arm at red carpet events. It will have a certain function. But this is not the case if your partner is a man. Every man has something of an alpha inside of him.” He added that his ex-boyfriends had previously “hated” attending events with him because they “didn’t deserve it for themselves.”

Now it looks like Norton has found a partner after all. The presenter has not responded yet.

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