Author: Herb Brewer

Tensions are rising in Peru: Francisco Chagasti questions former Armed Forces commanders for not recognizing Point Castillo

President of Peru, Francisco Chagasti (Photo: EFE / Paolo Aguilar) President of Peru, Francisco Chagasti, This Friday the “neutrality” of the Armed Forces and the National Police and stressed it Any attempt to undermine constitutional order should be investigated, A day after it was known Letter from former senior officers of the military agency encouraging […]

Nicolas Maduro’s regime releases political prisoner Ruperto Sanchez after seven years in prison

Ruperto Sanchez after the restoration of independence Venezuelan Lieutenant Colonel Ruperto Sanchez, Who is of Spanish nationality and is considered a political prisoner by various voluntary organizations, He was released this Thursday after serving seven years in custodyForo Penalty Report by an NGO. “Political prisoner Lieutenant Colonel Ruperto Sanchez released after serving seven years in […]

Roman Jacques: Election boards were afraid to make decisions in the last election

He noted that many of these lawsuits were “perpetrated by evaders, ignorance of their functions, forms of representation of justice and fears of a decision that would not affect the interests of the people they know”. “JC needs responsible, honest, impartial, trained, full and alternative members of the Electoral Boards with democratic character and values,” […]

Amnesty International has criticized Mexico and Argentina for voting for Nicaragua in the OAS: “Coming with victims is unacceptable.”

Nicaraguans protest in Costa Rica (Photo: Reuters) Amnesty International (AI) expressed regret this Thursday Argentina Y Mexico They will not come along Resolution of the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS) Condemns the arrest of enemies in Nicaragua. “The AI ​​regrets the recent joint statement by the Argentine and Mexican governments, despite […]

Ortega regime police harass after arrest of family of former Sandinista guerrilla vector Hugo Dino

After Monday Former Nicaraguan Vice President Vector Hugo Dino has been arrested Under the charge of “inciting foreign interference in internal affairs” and “soliciting military intervention” against the Santinista government Daniel Ortega, Nicaraguan Police One of his daughters raided the leader’s house where his grandmother lived. In a video that went viral on social networks, […]

The International Criminal Court (ICC) has adjourned its announcement on the Maduro regime’s investigation into crimes against humanity

In the picture, Nicolas Maduro, the dictator of Venezuela. EFE / Miguel Cutters / Archive The International Criminal Court (ICC) adjourned the hearing Crimes against humanity by the Maduro regime. Benzuda, who concluded his duties as head of the ICC prosecutor’s office on Tuesday, said last week that he would announce whether or not to […]

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