Haiti, affected by violence and Govt., Needs urgent international assistance

Haiti, now plagued by waves of violence that have wreaked havoc on thousands of displaced people, are urgently in need of international assistance with the rise of COVID and the threat of another powerful hurricane season that will engulf hospitals, Efe told Efe.

By 2021, the United Nations Children’s Fund or UNICEF has demanded $ 48.9 million to meet the humanitarian needs of 1.5 million people in Haiti, including more than 700,000 children and adolescents, but the appeal is almost completely out of the fund.

He acknowledged in an interview with Efe that there was a certain “donor fatigue when the country has been experiencing a prolonged emergency for many years”. Antonio Moro, UNICEF Emergency Specialist in Haiti, Recalled that “a lot of help came to the Caribbean country” after the 2010 earthquake.

Haiti is the poorest country in the whole of America. 46% of its population is food insecure and foreign aid accounts for more than a third of the government budget.

In this context, Marro stressed that traditional donors need to “understand that the needs are enormous” and that foreign aid is directed not only to emergencies, but also to long-term projects in areas such as health, education and hygiene. Haiti aims to finally help walk on its own two feet.

“An important part of this call is that they can contribute to donors, on the one hand, to improve the conditions of the victims and to provide immediate humanitarian assistance, and on the other hand, to support the work we do on a daily basis. On the other hand, to contribute to the development process quickly.”UNICEF official said.

Violence, Govt and Hurricane Sea

“In Haiti we are now in a situation similar to a civil war, although it is not a declared civil war,” Maro said, referring to the violence of armed mobs fighting for territories in the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince. , And some other parts of the country.

At least 10,000 people were displaced from the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area by this “urban guerrilla” in the first two weeks of June, an event “not new, it has only recently been strengthened,” he explained. Tag.

It is estimated that there are “more than 65,000 victims of this violence,” including one “sensible” person, residents and residents of the affected areas who were displaced and somehow welcomed, the expert said.

The victims are residents of the most downtrodden areas of the metropolitan area and “the most vulnerable population for any event”, He said.

“Vulnerability and risk in Haiti is a stratum corneum. With the entry of Brazilian and British varieties weeks ago, cases have started to rise very rapidly. The health system is very weak and we have clear data on where it is coming from. The decline in patient care levels,” Morrow said.

UN Convention on the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs The office said in a statement this week “The rate of infections and deaths from COVID-19 has increased by more than five in the last month since the advent of new species.”

Violence adds “one more level of difficulty” because those in fear do not go out to health centers, in which case the goods do not even reach hospitals.

Despite limited humanitarian access to the capital, Martisant, and the Fondamara area, UNICEF was able to quickly distribute emergency supplies to displaced women and children and adolescents sheltered in a gym with a population of more than 1,500.

Moro said UNICEF also supports the production of oxygen for the Ministry of Health and hospitals that receive Covid-19 patients.

This whole situation occurs during the hurricane season, and it is feared that the increase and frequency of rainfall will double the risk of water-borne diseases and acute respiratory infections in children and adolescents.

Haiti is more exposed to natural phenomena, and “The probability of an aquatic event like a hurricane or tropical storm is very high, which will cause more catastrophe to the already backward population. We are with this strong, strong concern for the coming weeks and months.”.

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