February 3, 2023

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The bus fell into a ravine, killing 27 people and injuring 13 others

  • Tragedy on the road kills dozens.
  • In Peru a bus fell down a valley.
  • Authorities have confirmed that 27 miners were killed when a bus plunged into a ravine.

Painful tragedy on the road. A bus fell from a ravine, killing 27 miners and injuring 13, the news agency reported. Andhra.

The aforementioned information agency pointed out that an inter-bus that was carrying workers from a mining company and traveling on a highway in the Peruvian Andes fell down a slope on Friday, killing 27 people.

Tragedy: The bus fell down a ravine

The damaged bus was carrying workers from one of the gold and silver mines known as Pallancotta in the Arequipa region, according to a statement quoted by Hochschild miner AB.

“We are all devastated by this news … Our immediate priority is to support the victims of the accident,” said Ignacio Bostamonde, director of the Peruvian Mining Company.

At least 27 people were killed and 13 were injured when a bus plunged into a ravine

The bus fell down the valley

Firefighters Lieutenant Hugo Mesa told the Associated Press on Friday morning that the crash had occurred on the Intersonic Highway in the state of Lucanas.

A further 13 workers were reported injured. In turn, the dead and wounded were scattered on the slopes of the mountain where the bus fell, Lt. Mesa added.

Road accidents

The bus fell down the valley
Accident in Peru in 2018. Photo; Getty Images

State monitoring of road traffic in Peru is inadequate, which contributes to a high number of accidents in which mainly poor people die and buses are their only means of transportation, the AP explained in a glossary.

According to the most recent and available official figures, about 3,110 people died in traffic accidents in Peru in 2019, the Andhra News Agency reported in its report on the new road tragedy in that South American country.

The Texas rally crash ended with 29 injuries

Rally crash

Other Event, At least eight people have been admitted to hospital for an accident during a “rally” last Sunday night Track The office said Monday that there is mud in the state of Texas Sheriff According to El Paso County, Ricardo Samanico, EFE and Portal Brand.

According to local media, a vehicle left the road for “unknown reasons” and passed a guard and attacked onlookers, officials said. The car collided with three other vehicles in the area.

Nearly 30 people were injured

29 people were injured in the accident at the rally

Samaniko, quoting a report he received from the sheriff’s office chief, Tom Whitten, explained to the KVIA, which is affiliated with the ABC, that 29 people had been injured in some way after the collision and were receiving immediate treatment.

The rally crash in Texas has shocked the community, and questions about the safety of this type of event have intensified, and authorities are currently investigating.

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Rally crash

The vehicle collided with the stand

On Instagram, the rally vehicle was ready and with another driver, spreading the perfect moment to start, while people are at the stand, waiting for the race to start. Everything seemed like a normal day.

In the audio of the video, I was able to hear that there are families, however, these are not appreciated. There are two vehicles in the background of the film, and their drivers start their engines early and get used to it.


Shocking conflict

The rally looks like special traction racing cars, there are stands on the side of the track, and dozens of people seem to have come to enjoy the tragic show.

At one point, officers told the pilots to start, however, not even five seconds had passed when one of them lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a crowded stand. Click on the video Here.


They criticize the security at the rally

On the Instagram page fitfamelpaso, people began to condemn this type of event for lack of security: “They do not understand. This is not the first time this has happened and they are still committing these tragic events “sending prayers to all those injured”.

However, others joined in the prayers: “My prayers to all who were involved and injured”, “Oh, I hope the children are not hurt, I hope no one dies”, “Where did this happen? It looks lit! ”.

They criticize the rally

Dramatic accident moment during the rally

Another said, “Well, I don’t want to be that person, but accidents do happen. This is, above all, being on the sidelines of an event like this, so expect the unexpected. Keep in mind that you have now skipped the show when you purchased that ticket. Maybe they should have been a hindrance, I accept it, but it falls to the organizers and planners, not the driver and the vehicle.

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He added: “No one realizes that this is happening, not every event every day, but it happens. But understand that this should not be a public outcry and should be a learning moment that everyone should realize. Pray for everyone involved in the accident. “