Austria implements compulsory vaccination, ten days of lockdown | Abroad

Austria implements compulsory vaccination, ten days of lockdown |  Abroad

Austrian media reported that those who were not vaccinated would have to pay a hefty fine. It is not yet known how high these fines are.

People are only allowed to leave the house to shop, play sports, work or see a doctor. This was decided after the government’s consultations with the nine federal states, two of which, Salzburg and Upper Austria, took this radical measure already, but until Christmas.

Alexander Schallenberg

Alexander Schallenberg

We don’t want a fifth wave

Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg announced the “difficult decisions,” referring to the great human suffering. “We don’t want a fifth wave.” In Austria, just over 65 per cent of the population has been vaccinated, which the prime minister says is scandalously low. “Despite months of persuasion, we haven’t been able to vaccinate enough people,” said Schallenberg, who accused those who rejected the vaccine of an “attack on the health care system.”

2G base

The closure can be extended for ten days. Since Monday, the Alpine country has been under lockdown for people over 12 who have not been fully vaccinated, with a fine of 1,450 euros. By December 13, the lockdown will end for those who have been vaccinated and have recovered. Then the 2G rule must be applied again. Therefore, restrictions on unvaccinated people continue to apply.

This is the fourth time that the country of nearly nine million people has been locked down. Salzburg and Upper Austria have the highest infection rates in the country and hospitals are full of coronavirus patients. The country has about 12,000 coronavirus-related deaths.

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