Pauline Cornelis on early thyroid cancer: ‘I haven’t seen it myself’

Pauline Cornelis on early thyroid cancer: 'I haven't seen it myself'

He wrote: ‘You probably already know this. Sorry if I didn’t do this, but I think I should. Because I saw you had something on your neck. And you should look at it,” says Cornelis.


The writer immediately makes an appointment with the doctor. “Of course I was shocked. When you see something, you also know it can’t be good. The doctor saw it right away, and I didn’t see it myself.”

The doctor tells Cornelis to go to the hospital. “The internist saw and felt it right away. He said, ‘You have to check now. If this is wrong, it is thyroid cancer. It’s called cancer, but it is very treatable.'” That was a strange conversation in which I was really shocked at first, and then I thought, “Oh, it’s not that bad, but I need surgery.”

funny things

Cornelis herself had no complaints at the time. “No pain, absolutely nothing. You become very focused on everything that is happening – in my case – a lot of funny things happen in such a hospital. You are at the mercy of what people do to you.”

“I had to do an ultrasound. I came in there and the guy said, ‘Good evening, you know how it goes.’ But it was my first time there, so I didn’t know how it was going at all. I was too shy then to say ‘No. ‘I don’t know.’ At the same time I’m analyzing why I don’t dare say it. I find it very embarrassing for this guy.”

Or does the ultrasound expert know I’m a mother? You lie there very uncomfortable with this gel on your neck, and then you can watch. I caught myself looking for a heart.”


After all the investigations – where it is checked whether it was malicious or not – Cornelis was told how harmful it was. “On a scale of one to six, six is ​​the worst. And I had five. And they said: ‘This is all indicative of thyroid cancer. So now the treatment is surgery. Then they remove half of the thyroid. It was very clear that this is exactly what needs to be done. So, of course, I suffered.

“You can do it in one day, so I thought of ‘cutting the almonds.’ But it was much more intense than that. A week later I got a call: ‘Good news, she was benign.’” It wasn’t cancer at all.” And I thought huh. It’s only been half a year with “huh feelings.” So what should have happened at all? Then the doctor rightly said, “The only way to find out is to work.” I had a working thyroid. Good, now I have half. It makes me more tired now.”

She talks about it in her new show Getting ready. A word that describes it as “exactly whatever comes between allow and do”. “The thyroid represents energy and doing things. And now I’m in the ‘get ready’ field. It really worked, to talk about it during the show. So I just did it.”

Do you want to watch the full episode? which can Here.

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