Tree Lance He was not active Sunday night against the Indianapolis Colts. The San Francisco 49ers’ rookie quarterback is still recovering from the knee sprain he suffered on October 10.

In the third quarter of Sunday’s game, with 49 players trailing the Colts 20-12, we asked fans via Twitter who they’d like to see next weekend against the Chicago Bears, if the Niners drop to 2-4. They did, losing the match embarrassingly 30-18.

It seems that the vast majority of voters have ended up Jimmy Garoppolo And you want to see Lance make his second start in the NFL, assuming he’s healthy.

Below are the survey results so far.

Head coach Kyle Shanahan has been consistent in saying that a healthy Garoppolo will still be the start. However, the 49 players lost four games in a row, Garoppolo started in three of them.

While Shanahan is not one to succumb to public pressure, with the season seemingly spiraling out of control, it will be interesting to see if the 49ers coach changes his stance regarding the status of the quarterback.