Eight great things about Android 12

Eight great things about Android 12

Not all of us can enjoy it just yet, but for the lucky ones who can (read: people with a file pixels 3 and above): Android 12 has many great features. To make you feel good, we offer eight tips.

1. color match

Where Android updates used to be called sweets, this should just be material you should be called. Google is fully committed to customization and does so under this heading. One of the great things about this is that the phone thinks with you. If you change your wallpaper to something with a lot of pink, you probably don’t want the rest to remain coral or fiery red. The materials you look at in your wallpaper and match the colors in notifications, widgets, and throughout Android 12. A delight to the eye.

Eight great things about Android 12

2. Be wiser

Covertly photographing someone is becoming increasingly difficult, because the phone user sees with light that video is being recorded with the camera or audio with the microphone. It’s one possibility that shows Google wants to bet more on privacy: something that came under fire some time ago. It is also possible to block apps from accessing the camera or microphone at all by going to the quick settings.

3. Beautiful for the eyes

It is known that the light from your smartphone on your face is not the best before bed. There are several night modes available, but Android 12 builds an extra dim backlight, allowing for better nighttime scrolling without the lightbox touching your face. It is also possible to set the text in color, because gray is better if you want to read.

4. Wild of widgets

Speaking of widgets: widgets aren’t as static as they used to be. You can customize it better than ever. This way you can arrange your home screen the way you want. The widgets are more dynamic, which makes it easy to manipulate them according to your taste. The tools are useful, for example, to show the current weather or the current forecast, or to display a kind of mini-Gmail that allows you to quickly check your inbox.

Eight great things about Android 12

5. Remote Tools

Gadgets like wireless earbuds or headphones often want to know your location in order to connect to your phone. But is this really necessary? Android 12 She doesn’t think so, or at least wants to give you the opportunity to express that you don’t. Bluetooth settings have been made so that gadgets that you allow to connect to your phone via Bluetooth can no longer access your location.

6. Your site is really special

Many people do not trust their smartphone completely and fear that there are still a lot of apps using the phone’s location without permission. Google allows you to choose for each app in Android 12 which can see your specific location and which only relates to a nearby location. Of course you always have the option to turn off your entire site for each app, but fortunately this is already possible.

7. Forgotten apps

Forgotten apps, everyone has them. They’re on your phone, but they may actually remove them as well. Don’t worry, Android 12 doesn’t just get rid of apps you haven’t used in a long time. However, it deletes the permissions and cached files belonging to this app. Of course only after not using it for a while.

Eight great things about Android 12

8. What is Wi-Fi?

You know that: If you’re having a party, you must first send a WiFi code to everyone because no one wants to use their data. No problem, of course, but you no longer have to type your WiFi password somewhere in an unsafe place or crawl into your meter locker to find your modem. Android 12 can do Nearby Sharing, which will share your Wi-Fi settings with another person in one go. This also saves entering difficult symbols and thinking about how this military alphabet works.

There will undoubtedly be many more features coming to Android 12, but these are our favorites.

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