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The iTunes for Windows update prevented many users who use Windows in a language other than English from opening the application. Apple released a new version via Microsoft Store and their own site which no longer has a problem.

Several users on Apple’s discussion platform on Wednesday noted that they are using iTunes for Windows Can’t start anymore After the update. They received the message “iTunes cannot be launched because some required files are missing. Please reinstall iTunes.” The error occurred after updating iTunes version 12.12.06 and affected both the version distributed through the Microsoft Store and the separate exe file. The update came with the release of iOS 15.

Although Apple did not confirm the problem, users quickly discovered that the problem is applicable with a file Language settings From Windows to English. Anyone whose language settings are set to Spanish, German, Italian, Korean, French, Japanese or Chinese can use the app do not open This is probably true for more languages.

Apple has since replaced the version shown on its own site and Microsoft Store for version, which no longer has a problem, so Newwin’s Notes.

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