These are the candidates for the presenter / presenter of the Televizier-Ster program

These are the candidates for the presenter / presenter of the Televizier-Ster program

Last year, Tim (Hoffman) won the Televizier-Ster Presenter Award. Televizier-Ster Presentatrice went to the always radiant Chantal (Janzen). She won the award three years in a row and was therefore unfortunately disqualified from participating in this edition according to the regulations.

The first person to have a chance to succeed Tim is none other than Fred van Leer. The presenter had a successful year. Steals the show as the host of the hysterical show Holland Race Drag. Always cheerful designer can also be seen in software Chantals Beauty Camper employment I can see your voice.

The second competitor to the Televizier-Ster Presentator has been in the spotlight for decades. We are, of course, talking about Andre Van Doyen. The presenter can be seen every week in Both Holland Bucket. It can also be seen in the program Thinking of the Netherlands, where he and Jani van der Heyden discover the beautiful regions of Holland by the water.

The third candidate is Arjen Lubach. Of course we all know Arjen from his parody Sunday with Lubach. The presenter has since stopped, because he wanted to stop at the climax.

The first to get a chance to succeed Chantal after three years was YouTube star Nikki de Jagger. Many consider it the surprise of the year. Nikkie now has a great deal of TV experience. After a flawless presentation in Eurovision SongfestivalYou also shine on the show makeup cup She is a member of the jury glow up.

The next candidate is Mariki Elsenga. The announcer started her television career as the owner of the program RTL late at night. Mariki can no longer be rescued from the tube and she is a regular anchor of RTL Boulevard.

Finally, as the third nominee, the audience chose Helen Hendricks. an offer summer orange Owned by Hélène. Last year she was also selected as the presenter of Veronica is inside This was the first time a woman had participated in this programme.

It is the first time for all three presenters to be nominated for a TV star.

Below you can see Elise Young’s reaction to her nomination as a TV actress.

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