March 24, 2023

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Apple releases iOS 15.2 with privacy report and “Digital Legacy” feature – tablets and phones – news

Apple released iOS 15.2. Among other things, this update adds an app privacy report. This is an overview showing which applications collect data. iOS 15.2 also gets a Digital Inheritance functionality that allows relatives to request iCloud data from the deceased.

iOS users Can from version 15.2 Find the privacy report in Settings, under “Privacy.” in a That overview For example, users can see how many times a particular app has requested access to their location, camera, microphone, contacts, and photos data. The report also shows domain names, app contacts and how often this happens. Information about data collection remains in the Privacy Overview for seven days.

IOS 15.0 already had the functionality to record the application dataset upon release. Previously, however, this data could only be exported as a JSON file. With Privacy Overview, iOS gets an interface that makes it easier to view data from this functionality.

Furthermore, iOS 15.2 has a “Digital Legacy” feature. This allows the next of kin to access the iCloud account and personal information of the deceased iOS user. This data includes, for example, your backups and photos, but not the passwords saved in the iCloud Keychain password manager. iOS users can designate up to five contacts with iOS 15.2 who can request this information when the user dies. The next of kin must enter a code and share a copy of the death certificate with Apple to access the data, appeared before From iOS 15.2 beta version.

Apple also announced that iOS 15.2 in the US will have a function that can scan children’s iMessage for nude photos. Parents can enable this feature through Family Sharing for a child under 13 years old. The function automatically darkens the nude photos that the child receives via iMessage and then displays a warning. The scan takes place on the child’s device itself and does not work with other messaging apps, such as WhatsApp.

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The tech giant is adding more support for Apple Music Audio Subscription. This is a cheaper version of Apple Music, which allows users to control the service only via the voice assistant Siri. This subscription will appear this fall, but is not yet available in the Netherlands and Belgium. Apple also talks about various bug fixes, for example for HomeKit and CarPlay.

iOS 15.2 gets feature to scan kids’ iMessages for nude photos