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I suspect that with “Apple style” you are referring to the concept of “relative performance” in the vertical axis of the graphs.

At first glance, these graphs seem very simple. Same performance (read graphical output) for less power. Is the RTX 3090 still for sale at all?

I even note the “relative” adjustment to the word’s performance. The more I thought about the concept of “relative performance,” the more mind-blowing it became to me. If only TFLOPS had stood along this vertical axis, we would have had solid feet underground.

I had a look at the accompanying text in the second link. But there went the “relative” adjustment, which led to the following:

To meet the most demanding graphics needs, such as 3D rendering and complex image processing, the M1 Ultra has a 64-core GPU – 8x the size of the M1 – delivering faster performance than even the highest PC GPU available while using 200 watts less power.

So I take this text with caution, even if a footnote is added to it, packed with test configuration details.

The graph now indicates that the M1 Ultra performs on par with the RTX3090 Ultra. The term “relative performance” makes me skeptical. It could also mean that the maximum performance of the M1 Ultra is measured differently from that of the RTX 3090 in a graph of equal height to show what both circuits are consuming at their maximum output. This means that the vertical axis, and its scale, have no information value other than the exact vertical space of the image. The actual performance graph for the RTX 3090 can be three times that of the M1 Ultra, or vice versa. The chart doesn’t tell me much about that. Put a third curve in the graph for a super efficient base card of €60 and it will become clear what the distorted picture gives such a graph.

So it remains to wait for reviews. The M1 Ultra is undoubtedly a great thing, but just name things, with these kinds of charts people are misled. And the belief that the M1 Ultra had nothing to be ashamed of and could have happily displayed TFLOPS on the vertical axis, with realistically scaled curves, will likely continue to make a statement against the RTX 3090.

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